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Camozzi Ukraine
CJSC ’Camozzi-Pneumatic-Simferopol’ - a branch of world-renowned Italian company ’Camozzi Spa’, - the leader in manufacturing and sales of pneumatics in Ukraine for over 15 years.


Modern equipment and materials from leading European manufacturers, careful selection and training, continuous improvement of the quality system, which is maintained at all stages of production to produce the product of the European level.

In 2000 the company opened its own production of pneumatic actuators. To meet customer demands for non-standard equipment reproductive of exclusive orders. The list of equipment supplied enriched shutoff apparatus and vacuum technology.
In all the industrial centers of Ukraine opened offices of the company, which employs experts who were trained at the Italian factories.

In 2003, "Camozzi" was recognized as the Golden Torgo howling trademark of Ukraine, and in 2004 pneumatic equipment "Camozzi" rightful place among the first hundred best products of the Crimea, then - among the hundred best products of Ukraine.


company registered April 19, 1995 in Minsk. The main activities of JSC "AGROPROMPRIBOR" are supplies to the food industry equipment and spare parts to it.

The company "Avangard", Moscow is working on Russia’s market of equipment for food production for several years. Today is a diversified enterprise with its own manufacturing base.

The company offers a complete technological equipment for various food industries. Manufacture of machinery and equipment for dairy and cheese-making plant is one of the main activities.

Company Avangard offers:

• Integrated solutions for the creation of workshops for the production of products
• Services
• consulting


ACDI/VOCA - private, nonprofit organization that promotes broad-based economic growth in developing countries. Offering a wide range of technical assistance, ACDI/VOCA focuses its efforts on addressing the most pressing and complex problems of development.
Moveable to promote growth and development of local entrepreneurship, the backbone of a prosperous free market economy and stable democracy, ACDI/VOCA works in the following areas:

  • Developing Communities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services
  • Developing systems Agribusiness
  • Food security

Difference ACDI/VOCA

ACDI/VOCA has established itself as an organization that has been operating in development for over 45 years. Her experience, coupled with reliable, practical knowledge and ability to implement large-scale projects is essential that customers and partners can always count on a positive cut ultaty to cooperate with ACDI/VOCA.

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