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    Automate pasteurization, cooling equipment APOUP-P-15

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    Automate pasteurization, cooling equipment APOUP-P-15

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Automate pasteurization, cooling equipment APOUP-P-15



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For heat treatment of milk, dairy mixes, cream and other food products in the stream, depending on the technology of processing products offer heat exchangers - plate, pipe, or combined (lamellar-pipe).
Preparation of coolant for steam pasteurization is carried out through a brazed plate heat exchangers, or in the absence of steam install electric boilers are equipped with.


How it works

The crude product enters the surge tank 1 with the float level control. Centrifugal pump 2 of equalizing tank product is fed into the regeneration section of the apparatus 3 for laminar heat transfer with pasteurized products.
Regeneration of used product goes to the pasteurization section 4 and the switching valve 5. If the pasteurization temperature corresponds to a given product comes to vyderzhivatel 6, Section regeneration, where it is cooled raw product in the cooling section and exits the installation. If the pasteurization temperature below the set, then the signal control equipment, an automatic switching valve 5 and the product is sent to the surge tank.
Options coolant regulated automatically depending on the temperature of the product.
The operation of the installation is carried out with remote control 7.

Technical indicators

One of the leading manufacturers of pasteurization-refrigeration plant in Ukraine is a company «TESMO-M».
For manufacture of heat exchangers, we used only beskleevoy mounting plate with rubber seals. Gaskets can withstand temperatures up to 130 ° C, which allows to exclude high-temperature pasteurization in a tubular pasteurizer for heating steam. New form of heat transfer plates can increase the heat transfer coefficient and the coefficient of regeneration, to make the installation more compact and more economical. Specially-designed profile plates to avoid the formation of dead zones in the heat exchanger.
The new design of heat exchangers and seals to withstand the internal pressure of the product and coolant to 0,6 MPa, which makes it possible to produce heating of the coolant up to 130 ° C at a pressure of 0,4 MPa.
For pasteurization, the product was developed and implemented a closed recirculating water heating system. This system allows for pasteurization from 60 to 125 ° C with only a couple of energy costs on heating the product.
Application paroreguliruyuschey the world’s leading equipment manufacturers such as: TLV, Samson, Belimo will stabilize the precise dosage and steam consumption in the installation, it allows for pasteurization to within 0,1 ... 0,2 ° C, regardless of vapor pressure in the pipeline. Modern heat-exchange apparatus Alfa-Laval, SWEP, condensate drainage system TLV, make our installation compact and economical in the consumption of energy.
In our pasteurization, refrigeration units used only «soft» pasteurization treatment, with the difference in temperature between the coolant and the product of no more than 2 ° C, which eliminates burnt and coagulation of protein in the heat exchanger plates. Our plants are equipped with an alarm system in excess of the temperature difference between coolant and the product, which indicates the need for cleaning the heat exchanger, and does not allow substandard pasteurization!
Also installation «TESMO-M» at customer’s request can be completed with the system pressure rise above nepasterizirovannym Pasteurization of the product, which excludes the possibility of their mixing. When working together with the installation of a separator, homogenizer, or other additional equipment capable of continuous adjustment of performance, and maintaining constant pressure at the output.
Completion of the automatic valve positioner provides cooling of the product to the desired temperature to within 0.5 0C.
Choosing «TESMO-M», you choose the most modern technological equipment for processing milk, infant formula, juice, beer and other food products.



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